Manufacturing quality detergents made in the United States along with outstanding technical service for over half a century. Alconox is a leader in critical cleaning.



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Alconox has high-performance aqueous detergents for
a variety of industry applications.

The ALCONOX brand was introduced in 1941 for use in hospitals and laboratories as a hard surface cleaner that cleaned without leaving interfering residues. Our innovative and desirable technology led to the formation of Alconox, Inc. in 1946. We are continually improving and striving to stay ahead of new applications for Alconox aqueous cleaning detergents. Our best performance ideas come from our customers. 

Healthcare, environmental, food and dairy processing and many other industries trust our detergent products for all their critical cleaning applications. In addition to supplying the industry with our branded detergents, Alconox, Inc. can provide custom blended and private label detergents. Our products are concentrated to be economical in use and contain only active ingredients. In addition, all of our detergent products are biodegradable and meet typical disposal requirements.

All Alconox cleaning products are free rinsing, corrosion-inhibiting and biodegradable. With Alconox soaps and detergents you can clean almost any glass, metal, plastic, or rubber surface safely, effectively and economically. Engineers, scientists, and other product producing professionals have come to rely on and value our advice when it comes to cleaning processes, procedures and products. Whatever your cleaning method is manual, machine, clean-in-place, or ultrasonic, Alconox offers a cleaning product to fit your needs. In fact, almost any glass, plastic, metal, rubber, or porcelain surface can be safely, effectively, and economically cleaned with an Alconox detergent. 

To request a free sample pack of Alconox detergents you can call (914) 948-4040  or use the detergent selection system and sample request form on our site.

To place an order for our products follow this link:

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